Epismooth Round-up

by Anthony on August 15, 2005

So, around the time I started working at Tailored, we launched this skin-care website for eczema and psoriasis.

Since this new site was launched, its been terrible. We’ve had hardly any sales, etc etc. Not a good result. I want to improve on this. So here’s an open-call for feedback and comments. have a look at the site, just the landing page, and tell me the top 3 things that you don’t like about it.

Then actually use the site for a bit (try and look at a few articles, then try and buy some skin cream or shampoo), and comment here to tell me about your experience. C’mon, I’d do the same for you! This is a great chance to show me how crappy my design skills are!

I’m thinking this.

  1. It’s too busy.
    There is simply too much stuff on the front page. Not enough white space. Having those boxes down the sides is a distraction, so people are overwhelmed as soon as they get in, this is really stressing me out.
  2. There is a huge amount of articles, studies, etc on that web-site, but it is not organised at all well! Its too hard to find previous articles etc.
  3. The shopping cart looks horrible. Perhaps its the colours, I don’t know.

I’d like to re-do the design, and restructure the content. Of course, with decent planning, this will probably take me 2 weeks. So yeah, not likely to happen really.

What are your thoughts??

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