WordPress Plugins

I work with WordPress every day, building custom themes and plugins for clients. I’ve found that I needed a collection of plugins to perform common tasks, used by many sites.

Since I find them so useful, I thought you might too. So here you go!

Flickr Press

Flickr is a great solution for managing your photos, but it can be tough to show those photos on your site.  Existing plugins never seem to do what I want, so I build my own.  You can have it for free. Read more…

Token Access

Limits access to your site, so that only authorised people (with a cookie token) will be able to see your site.  Others see a ‘coming soon’ page.
More information (Note this replaces my old “IP Allowed Script”

Link Hopper

Allows you to set up and manage link redirection like through your WordPress administration.
More information

Simple Sitemap

I was looking for a simple sitemap generator, but couldn’t find one that worked the way I wanted.  So I built my own. Maybe it will help you too?
More information