Javascript Resources

by Anthony on August 15, 2005

Here are a few Javascript resources for you!

  • Unobtrusive Javascript
    Unobtrusive Javascript – basically, you don’t put javascript in your html code. Instead, you use an external .js file, and use event-handlers to trigger the code where neccessary. Good one to take on-board!
  • Preview Your Links
    Use unobtrusive javascript to put an icon beside your links. Show PDF, Word, HTMl, Text, etc etc. Good add to usability of a site, not to mention a warning in linking to online soda pdf etc files.
  • Good mouse-over alternatives
    Move your mouse over a feature link on this page. See what happens? I like it! View source to see how its done.

And for my own personal reference, I also have the sitepoint book DHTML Utopia – which has some excellent JS resources.

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