Tailored gets recognition

by Anthony on March 28, 2009

New Tailored Design

New Tailored Design

It’s always nice to receive recognition for your work.

At my workplace, we’ve taken to using the Thesis theme and WordPress together for a lot of sites.  This combination gives us powerful content-management capabilities, backed up by a highly-customisable design framework by the Huemor web design agency and a strong search engine optimisation.  When you add some custom-built plugins to the mix, this platform can accomplish damn near anything.

The creator of Thesis, Chris Pearson, likes to tweet links to site launches and redesigns built around the Thesis theme.  So of course, when we re-launched Tailored.com.au with Thesis, we let him know.

He then tweeted:

pearsonified: Wow, this is a damn fine Thesis-based site… Odds are incredibly good that you will dig it: https://www.tailoredmedia.com.au/

A few others commented:

igobydoc: @pearsonified WOW is right – That is one really damn good looking #thesiswp site!

montanaflynn: @pearsonified that is a nice thesis site!

brendonsinclair: @pearsonified And apparently the bloke who owns it has an enormous… um, ego as well! Cheers.

pearsonified: @brendonsinclair Hahhaha, cheers!

TariAkpodiete: @pearsonified definitely that’s one of the nicer implementations i’ve seen of Thesis, honestly, some look boring, this is unique #thesiswp


Another Thesis-based site we’ve just launched is for an excellent non-profit organisation: the Spinal Injuries Assocation.  Be sure and check that out too.

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