Australia Post = Australia's Ghost?

by Anthony on March 30, 2009

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I heard the most wonderful stream of profanity at the office today.  Funny story, really.  The long suffering Sinclair women (Brendon’s wife and daughter) have fled the country.  They’re spending a few weeks holidaying in Europe.  And no, the profanity wasn’t because Brendon and his boys are starving without Mel to cook for them.

The girls need some documents sent over, and its causing a lot more trouble than it should be.   They’re not staying in one place for very long, so timing is everything.

So Brendon mailed out the package via Australia Post, using their 2-4 day express service.  He was assured it should be there in 2 days, which would be great.  But naturally, it arrived after the girls had moved on.

When he expressed his displeasure to Australia Post, he was told that the 2-4 day express service typically takes 5 days to deliver.  Methinks they need to rename that service.

So he sends out a replacement package using UPS.  As you do.  He uses a $93 envelope GUARANTEED to be there by April 1st.  When he checks the tracking service 5 hours later, its already been rescheduled to be a day late.  Unbelievable.

Bless Ray Tomlinson, I’ll never take the reliability of email for granted again!

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