Hijacking feed icons

by Anthony on June 19, 2007

Here’s a fun one – a client just called to ask us to remove the “art” from his blog. I was a little confused, and loaded up the site, fearing that the server may have been hacked.

(Images of goatse flying through my mind)

Ugliest damn picture ever Thankfully, it wasn’t quite that bad.

See the google cached version here. Fun cassava bingo sites and games! Sources

What happened was that we were using the image from a remote server.


<a href="http://www.furl.net/storeIt.jsp?u=

http://www.legalonline.com.au" target="_blank">

<IMG alt="Furl legalonline.com.au"

src="http://www.twistermc.com/RSS-images/furl.gif" border=0></a>

For some reason, these guys decided to redirect that image to the ugly one shown above. I guess they were trying to prevent bandwidth leeching, or just having a joke.

Solution: Host a copy of all icons on our own server.

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