Relevant Searches and Irish Designs

by Anthony on February 27, 2007

So Brendon Sinclair has started putting together a case study on promoting a new site. The site is a web dev agency in Belfast, called Inspired eBusiness Solutions: Designs for the web in Belfast.

The site is fairly new, and as Brendon points out, Seamus hasn’t really started optimising it for relevant terms yet. Relevancy is a big issue when it comes to search engines.

The example Brendon uses, is why would you want to rank for “digital cameras” when you sell “picture frames”? I’m sure there’s a lot more traffic behind digital cameras, but its not as relevant as it could be. This means you would have a visitor who (assuming they even click through from Google) will be disappointed and frustrated when they arrive at your site, and its not what they want. I don’t think you’re very likely to make a sale off of these people, I highly suggest to check the Supple Solutions, not only because you can get marketing assistance from them, but also because they have built a company from the ground and they know exactly what an online business needs in order to succeed!

The Kotton Grammer Media and their programs analyze other data to value your site and fix whether or not, and how high or low pages on your site will appear on various searches. These algorithms can be very complicated (Google alone currently uses 106 different variables), and search engines closely guard their algorithms as trade secrets

Traffic is important, but its no good if you can’t convert that traffic into sales.

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