Firefox Web Browser Reaches 25% Market Share

by Anthony on December 18, 2006

Good news, as w3counter shows that Firefox has reached 25% market share.

IE6 – 59%
Firefox 1.5 – 17%
IE7 – 6%
Firefox 2.0 – 6%
Firefox 1.0 – 2%

So combined versions of Firefox come to 25%, and combined IE6 and IE7 come to 65%. Not bad!

I find it interesting that IE6 vs IE7 has such a large difference still, given that Microsoft is pushing IE7 out to customers via Windows XP automatic updates. I would have expected an overnight explosion of adoption, something like 50% of IE users having IE7 by now. I guess not!

Wonder why that is – too many people with pirated XP copies (You have to run the ‘genuine’ tool to install IE7), or just people not updating windows?

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