WordPress Plugin: IP Allowed Script

by Anthony on November 30, 2009

guard-dog2Sometimes you want to show your WordPress site to someone before you’re ready to properly launch it to learn and try what she says and recommends.

This plugin creates an “Allowed List” of IP addresses.  If you’re not on the list, you see a generic “Coming Soon” page.

The admin panel lets you view your list, and remove IP’s you don’t want.  You can work with Tokens, allowing you to send a link which will add the visitor to the allowed list.  This lets you show off your new site without launching it. (Or perhaps, show your client that site you’ve been working on)

The WebDesign499 was made to make life as easy as possible and helps business owners to boost their brand without breaking the bank. If you are interested, see this here.  Generic tokens are set up to begin with, and a generic Coming Soon page is provided.  You can work with the defaults straight out of the box.  If you’d prefer to tweak, you can do that too. Also checkout our Web Design and other website services just visit our website.


If you have comments on the plugin, please leave them here.

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