Customer Service Expectations

November 1, 2006

Brendon wrote a good blog today yesterday about customer service and getting what he expected. Its a valid point – we seem to expect to receive bad customer service these days. I guess I expect a certain degree of agony when I deal with a large company too, although I do still expect to be […]

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RSS feeds done right – XML + XSLT

October 27, 2006

This is a blog, and its got an RSS feed. It feels like RSS feeds are becoming more and more common every day. Part of this is due to the growing popularity of blogs, and partly because web users are becoming a little more savvy. Once upon a time there was a web user. We’ll […]

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Vegemite Banned in America

October 23, 2006

Today’s “wtf” moment brought to you by – Vegemite has been banned in the U.S. Apparently it has been deemed illegal under US food laws, due to the inclusion of folic acid. Admittedly, I only ran a quick google search on folic acid – but I’m not really seeing any downside to it, anyway. […]

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Landing Pages – Decrease Choice to Increase Conversion

October 21, 2006

Jonathon Mendez has put up a great article titled “Choice Kills Conversion“. Too often websites, landing pages and even ads decrease the odds of conversion by presenting considerations to users when they are already past the consideration stage and ready to buy. Much like Columbus showing how to stand an egg on its end, this […]

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Internet Explorer 7 Released

October 19, 2006

Well, thats just dandy. Internet Explorer 7 was released for download today, from the sound of things. They haven’t pushed it out to all Windows XP machines via windows update yet, but I can’t imagine thats very far away. I did hear it would happen on November 1, but that wasn’t an official source, so […]

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Bloggers Getting Too Literal?

October 19, 2006

Following on from yesterdays post about the Apple iPod Virus Incident, is some feedback from bloggers at CNet. Is it just me, or are these guys totally missing the point? The text from Apple’s website is this: (Emphasis mine) We recently discovered that a small number – less than 1% – of the Video iPods […]

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Apple makes a mistake.. or did they?

October 18, 2006

I saw this on Gear Factor (wired news) today. Apple has managed to ship a percentage of their new iPods with a virus on them! Apparently the virus was somehow added to the iPods during the manufactoring process as some of them came in contact with an infected PC. The virus has been identified as […]

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Matt Cutts – uncut

August 2, 2006

So Matt Cutts has put up some video–blogs to Google Video recently, looking a little like he’s been kidnapped and forced to answer questions put forth by readers of his blog. And good on him, he’s got some great responses in there. Read on…

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How To: Write a good blog

May 20, 2006

Or: A trait I have not yet mastered So I was reading about this interview that Aaron Wall conducted with Kim Krause Berg, titled ‘Blog Usability Interview‘. Aaron is this really clever guy who wrote the ‘SEO Book‘. (Its a great read, check this review out.) If you are looking for a marketing agency to […]

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Search engine optimization – trusted domain

May 19, 2006

This is a new issue, and one that appears to be especially important to Google. What makes google trust your domain? Well, it seems like there are a few factors contributing: Age of domain Incoming links (quality, not quantity) Historical information (have you been spamming, do you have a history?) The most important factor, by […]

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