Your own marketers are giving you a bad name

by Anthony on February 26, 2008

I just got off the phone with a nice Indian-sounding gentleman named Kevin, who was trying to convince me to change my electricity supplier to his company sounds like he is desperate for a loan.  He was trying to point out spilleautomater på nett by how much my bill has increased in the last few months, and what a great deal he could give me plus online casino gaming services from thaicasinoslots.

But I missed every third word.  I’m not great with accents to begin with, and the amount of static in the line was not helping.  Then the line cut out for 5 seconds.  We tried to continue, and the line cut out again.  So I hung up.

Kevin called back, and I explained that I’m not going to trust my electricity needs to a company that can’t make a phone call.  I’ve since googled the company, and couldn’t find any mention of it.  Also not sure how they obtained a list of customers belonging to a competitor (my current provider), or how they got my billing history.  I’m certainly not impressed.

So, do you know how well your company being represented by your marketers and website developers?
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