Another Angle on Phishing…

by Anthony on October 4, 2007

Last night I got another strange email:

Dear xxx,

My Name is xxx, I am an Software Engineer, and i belongs to Kerala, India.  while i was searching for an article, I just came to know about you through the website , So we both are working in the same field. I would like to know, will you be able to share friendship with me. I expect positive results from you and look forward to speaking with you.


This email came to my work account, which is listed on I thought it was kind of wierd, and a little creepy.  But the other staff here have received the same email.

This appears to be a more targeted approach to phishing.  The phisher has located an ‘about me’ page, found my email address, and customised his email to target me.  (Somewhat poorly, I might add).  Still, this is a little frightening – There’s a wealth of information online about all of us web citizens, and its available to anyone who takes the time to look for it.

This is a little scary.  Its incredible how many people still get taken in by Nigerian scams, even today.  More personalised phishing emails will surely sucker even more people in.

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