Queensland Draught Almost Over!

by Anthony on November 2, 2006

Wait for it… today, the Queensland Premier, Mr Peter Beattie, is praying for rain. And I’m not just saying that – this seems to be his strategy in combating the drought.

People are saying this is the worst drought we’ve ever had. I’ve heard others say our rainfall is still the same, its just that we have more people using the water, which is why we’re running short. Haven’t verified that though, but if true, means our glorious leaders screwed up the ‘planning for the future’ part of their jobs.

Why the hell is he praying? Does he really think this will help? He’s having this campaign start today when we have the forecast saying its going to rain on the weekend. So uh, who gets credit when he stands up and says “Its working!?” The Premier? God? Or the Bureau of Meteorology?

Anyway – does this seem like a cheap stunt? I’m not sure what exactly, but one of two things seems likely:
– He’s trying to promote religion
– He believes any publicity is good publicity (ie, promoting himself)

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