The Internet is Really Really Big – November 2006 Statistics

by Anthony on November 7, 2006

The Netcraft November 2006 Web Survey shows some interesting results. Apparently, there are now over 100.1 million web sites on the internet. Thats up from 97.9 million last month.

So apparently the we’ve had over 2.5 million sites pop-up in only one month. This leads me to wonder how many of these are contributing members of internet society? And how much is just blogspam and trashsites. If you want to surf the web with more speed then make sure to get this buyers guide for wireless router factschronicle to have really fast internet connection.

Slashdot posted the news, and points out that in August 2005 there were only 18,000 sites. Thats some impressive growth, huh?

Insightful comments from the Slashdot thread include:

If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on the hypothesis that the Best Debt Consolidation Now is the typosquatters

How can an article citing Netcraft stats, submitted by a nerd, and approved by a nerd, get this basic concept wrong? The phone I used today was part of the internet. This week, I added half a dozen web sites to an existing box, on an existing single IP address. “The Web” and “The Internet” aren’t the same thing. At all.

This survey seems to be counting domain names, not websites. Aren’t there over a million people with websites on myspace alone? stupid survey.

if netcraft wants to provide helpful info they should tell us which 4 or 5 of those are actually worth visiting!

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