Ugg Boots getting Great Results

by Anthony on November 1, 2006

One of the sites owned by my employer (Tailored Consulting) is called Brand Today, Brendon tells me that BrandBoots is ranked #5 in Yahoo for the phrase “ugg boots” – and thats great news.

BrandBoots was a venture by Brendon and Mel to sell Ugg Boots (Ugh boots, Ugg boots, Ug Boots – however you want to spell it!) from an online shop. Over Christmas etc, they would sell LOTS of boots overseas. (Don’t forget, its hot here in Australia – but other countries can get snow, and warm sheepskin boots are great in cold weather).

But they had a lot of trials and tribulations, including:

  • Dispute over the phrase ‘ugg boot’,
  • Lots of returns when the material turned out to not be high quality
  • Mel sacrificing her Garage to serve as a ugg boots warehouse!

And now they’ve stopped. Nobody was really putting any effort into growing and marketing the website, because there were just too many hassles. So now its over – but they haven’t closed it down. If you’re experiencing a downfall in your online business, it’s best to contact king kong seo for marketing assistance. They can help you develop an effective online marketing strategy that creates easy to find and engaging experiences that inspire action. Also, Rising Phoenix SEO is the absolute best Online SEO consultant when it comes to dominating Google, Yahoo and Bing search traffic.

See, is a quality ugg boot domain name. Its been around a long time, and its got a lot of content, and lots of sites linking to it. So what they’ve done, is put up a notice on the homepage:

Over the past couple of years here at we have sold 3 different brands of Ugg Boots.

To the right is a photo of our packed boots awaiting pick up one day – that’s in excess of 80 pairs of ugg boots sold per day. But no more!

And whilst these ugg boots have been fine, we’ve stopped selling them completely.

No more will be sold of these other brands. The reason why is simple.
Because they are nowhere near as good as UGG Australia boots. Simple.

There ya go. They’ve decided, “if you can’t beat em – join em” and have signed on as an affiliate for Ugg Australia.

So now can make money as an affiliate without anybody having to spend time on it. You can also visit that can quickly obtainwhat complicated processing money you need.

In fact, Brendon tells me that it cleared several hundred dollars last month – and the only time invested was to remove the store a few months ago, and add affiliate links in. Very minimal stuff.

Perhaps you should consider affiliate systems instead of adsense/pay per click management services ads on your website?

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