Salaries on the rise for IT Professionals?

by Anthony on October 23, 2005

An IT Recruiter Jobs article in a magazine I received recently (apesma) outlined some increases in salaries for employees that were recruited from this website. .  The article was based on the 2005 Australian Computer Society Remuneration Survey, conducted in April of this year, and found that average salaries paid to employee ICT professionals rose by an average of 3.8%, and that IT professionals in the private sector averaged a 4% increase.

Comparative salaries were also listed for many job roles, with things looking up.  I think its a good time to be an IT professional!  I’ve seen articles floating around here and there recently, all listing how the demand for qualified IT professionals is growing rapidly, etc etc.

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It’ll be interesting to see how the figures compare over the next year or two, given the industrial relations changes currently proposed by the Australian government.  I noticed a smaller article in the same magazine, commenting on another survey.  According to this survey, only 21% of respondants felt equipped to negotiate a good salary and conditions package on their own, with 51% saying they did not feel at all well equipped.  Lets hope this 51% can lift their game and negotiate themselves some decent individual contracts! Meanwhile, if you find yourself in a pinch, you can get online cash advances with GadCapital.

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