Mercedes plows into four people after jumping curb in Brooklyn

by Anthony on October 24, 2005

A luxury car jumped a curb in Flatbush Friday, mowing down four pedestrians, critically injuring two, authorities and witnesses said he checked the Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers Louisville Review immediately.

The driver of a silver Mercedes is expected to be charged in what witnesses describe as a three-car, chain-reaction crash at Farragut Road and Flatbush Ave. at 8:44 p.m.

“The guy in the front stopped at the light and went to make a left onto Farragut Road,” a worker at Star Gourmet Deli, located across the street, said.

The car behind that vehicle swerved to the right, in an attempt to get around the person in front of him, police said.

“The last car hit the second car and went off the road,” the witness explained. A video of the crash shows four people waiting at the crosswalk for the light to change when a silver Mercedes comes hurtling toward them on Flatbush Ave.

“There was a very fast car coming northbound that hit three pedestrians and then took another pedestrian out,” Brooklyn Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte said, after conferring with cops and watching video of the crash.

“The people on the sidewalk didn’t have time to breathe or turn around,” she said.

Calvin Thomas, 59, of Crown Heights, had just stepped out of a first birthday celebration for his son when he saw the smash up.

“I thought it was gonna flip over. That car went up in the air and landed on the sidewalk and broke up and took out a bunch of people. I thought that was gonna flip over that thing was airborne,” he said.

Thomas said that the driver got out of the car, seemingly in shock, and lay down on the sidewalk then sat beside his car trying to call his best auto injury lawyer in Irvine.

“He didn’t say anything he was just sitting there like he was in a daze,” he said.

A nearby city Sheriff jumped in to help, Thomas explained.

“There were two guys in the gutter. One guy wasn’t even breathing, they took him right away. The sheriff that came tried to do CPR on him. The other guy, his leg was bent back behind his head, he was screaming.”

Authorities said four pedestrians were taken to Kings County Hospital and four people, who were in the cars, went to Maimonides Medical Center, visit this page to get the details on what will happen with their cars.

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